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More than ever, homeowners, contractors and architects are discovering the cost competitive, performance enhancing and environmental advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings. Whether protecting your RV from the elements, storing equipment safely, expanding your business or sheltering your livestock, count on Web Steel Buildings Northwest, LLC to provide a steel framed structure that’s economical, versatile, safe and virtually maintenance free. Our metal building systems allow you to design just the right building for your needs. And no other manufacturer offers three distinctly different steel framing systems to meet your building goals, whether you’re a contractor or do-it-yourselfer. Feel free to give us a call with questions anytime: 1-855-668-7211 | 503-668-7211

Building System

Web Steel Buildings Northwest, LLC is the only steel building manufacturer to offer three frame styles; the Delta, Vaulted and the Rigid Frame giving you more design flexibility than any other company.

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Rigid Frame

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This building will be your shop. Your garage. Your barn. Your warehouse. Your hangar. Your dream. For one of our customers, it even became a 50's style diner with an arcade, full-sized theater and a sound booth.

Designed specifically for your site, we make all the necessary upgrades to keep your building up-to-date with the ever-changing codes. No wonder local governments, school districts, fire districts, state and federal agencies are among Web Steel's past clientele who have found our precision manufactured buildings to be the ideal solution. Churches, meeting halls, fire stations, maintenance shops, retail stores, RV storage, sports centers, skate parks, veterinary clinics, wineries, gymnasiums, bus barns, playground covers, and more.

Are you building a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or entire industrial park? You will have plenty of unobstructed interior space in which to work. The interior of a Web Steel Buildings Northwest building is clear and free of posts, bearing walls and structural support. Because steel can span greater widths between trusses than conventional construction, you have the freedom and space to develop the interior of your building however you choose, without the limitations of where your offices must be or equipment can sit.

Whether you're a nurseryman, farmer, rancher, or fruit processor, Web Steel Buildings Northwest can provide the space you need. With clearspan truss interiors, our buildings give you maximum headroom clearance and plenty of open space to do whatever it is you do.
We love our building! I’m sure you are proud to work for a company that provides such a fine product. Our salesman did a fine job as well. He always called back & answered all our questions. He even went as far as telling us we could call him over the weekend at home if we had a question while we were constructing. That is commendable!
Sincerely, Shari, California
We are very pleased with the building and it is a nice addition to our property. Please pass on to your co-workers that I really appreciated their help and cooperation. I couldn’t have asked for better assistance whenever I would call. If you need a reference, or a place to show a building in Southwestern Oregon, please give me a call and I will gladly show the building to a prospective customer.
Best Regards, Charlie & Beth, Oregon

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